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Offshore Companies in UAE

Tailored Solutions for Global Operation

In collaboration with our sister concern, MESA Management Consultancy—a registered agent with the offshore companies authority in Dubai—Emirates Legal offers a full suite of services for offshore company incorporation and management. Our interdisciplinary approach ensures that your offshore operations are not only compliant but also effective in fulfilling your strategic business objectives.

Comprehensive Incorporation Services

Incorporation and Share Transfer: From facilitating the initial incorporation process to managing share transfers, we provide a seamless, end-to-end service that ensures your offshore entity is established in compliance with the law.

Document Attestation: We assist in attesting all requisite documents, taking the complexity out of bureaucratic processes and offering a streamlined experience.

Real Estate and Property Management

Transfer of Property: Whether it’s a commercial asset or residential real estate, we liaise with the Dubai Land Department and Property Developers to facilitate the transfer of ownership to the offshore entity.

Estate Planning: Our team aids in drafting wills, ensuring that they are notarized, and providing comprehensive advice on the legal implications surrounding the inheritance of properties held by offshore companies.

Banking and Financial Services

Bank Account Opening: Leveraging our strong relationships with local and international banks, we provide guidance and support in opening bank accounts for offshore companies, facilitating smoother business operations.

Strategic Advisory

Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs): We offer specialized advice on the strategic use of offshore companies as SPVs for transactions permitted by law. This includes advising on how to structure complex deals or investments to achieve your business objectives.

Real Estate Investment: We counsel clients on the legalities and advantages of buying real estate through offshore companies, ensuring your investments are safeguarded and yield optimal returns.

Regulatory Compliance: Our team guides clients through the nuances of compliance obligations specific to offshore companies, ensuring a holistic approach to legal and financial governance.

At Emirates Legal, we offer more than just legal services; we offer business solutions. If you’re contemplating setting up an offshore company in the UAE, our seasoned team of legal experts will stand alongside you, providing the bespoke, reliable advice you need to ensure your venture is a resounding success.

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