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For clients interested in cross border transactions and business negotiations both to and from India, we can offer our India specialists; a team of lawyers specializing in business and law in India.  Emirates Legal will be at your side every step of the way; assessing and advising you of all the strategies and business opportunities to maximize your benefits in India.

As regulations in India loosen and inbound and outbound corporate finance work to and from the region expands, companies from the United States, China and the Middle East are looking to India to fuel their future growth.  There is an increased awareness among entrepreneurs and industrialists globally of the very dynamic growth which is taking place in India.  It is becoming an industrial powerhouse and its financial status is increasing all the time.  This development in India has not only increased inbound transactions to India, but as India becomes more of an industrialized nation, more and more Indian companies are looking to strategically expand their businesses regionally and globally.

Our Role

We advise individuals and companies outside India on the legal and regulatory requirements for investing and setting up businesses in India.  We assist our clients in land acquisition, project finance and licensing.  Our India specialists have both extensive knowledge and experience with permissible foreign direct investments in various sectors and the procedures for obtaining regulatory compliances in the following industries: telecommunications, power generation, real estate, retail, health care, and oil and gas.

Our advice is invaluable in assisting a potential investor in assessing both the obvious and hidden costs of setting up offices in India, as well as determining the feasibility of an investment. 

Should our clients determine that rather than setting up their own companies in India they wish to engage an Indian company to do business with them, Emirates Legal’s India specialists can assist in all aspects of business negotiations with parties in India for cross border transactions, as well as joint ventures.

Additionally, should our clients require we have relationships with highly qualified and prestigious lawyers and law firms in India that can and will provide our clients with continuous and seamless legal services. 




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