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China's Evolving Legal Market
In the early 1990s, inbound foreign investment into China was channeled through Hong Kong. In the decade from 1995 to 2005, the focal point for foreign investment in China moved to Beijing and Shanghai. The current wave of foreign investment extends well beyond Beijing and Shanghai into key regional economic centers all across China. 

Over this period the roles of international and local Chinese law firms have evolved dramatically. For major transactions and disputes, international and local legal counsel routinely work side-by-side to offer a full range of legal services required by foreign clients in China. As virtually all cross-border legal matters in China involve both a domestic and an international element, international legal service providers, are an essential component to a successful venture in the evolving Chinese market.

Globalization of Chinese Companies
Chinese companies are already deeply integrated into the global economy and are increasingly expanding their operations outside of China through the establishment of subsidiaries and off-shore acquisitions. We at Emirates Legal provide these investors and entrepreneurs with all of regulatory, administrative, legal and strategic business advice they require to determine which investments in the Middle East, India or North America are in their best interest. 

The legal risks facing Chinese companies are increasing commensurately with their growth overseas.  The types of international legal services needed to support the global operations and aspirations of Chinese companies typically fall in the following categories:

Chinese companies with international operations need a legal services partner who understands their companies as well as the Chinese legal and commercial environment.  Emirates Legal is that partner. 

Foreign Investors look to China for future growth
Examples of how Emirates Legal can help foreign companies in China include:

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI): Emirates Legal’s China specialists can assist foreign investors with all aspects of FDI matters, including structuring and establishment of representative offices, wholly foreign-owned enterprises (WFOEs), Sino-foreign joint ventures and other strategic projects and commercial transactions.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A): We can advise on all aspects of China bound M&A irrespective of industry, including share and asset acquisitions, private company targets, public company takeovers, etc. We know how to bring both sides together to close the deal. We will offer true international-standard deal structuring and deal management together to help manage due diligence and regulatory compliance issues in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Commercial Disputes: Emirates Legal offers a wide range of litigation and dispute resolution services with an emphasis on providing cost-effective resolution to the problems faced by foreign businesses in China. Our China desk is invaluable in assisting foreign clients in cross-border investigations, litigation and arbitration, negotiating settlements and advising on alternative ways of resolving disputes.




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